VOX Ventilator

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VOX aims to help close the gap between those in need and available healthcare resources around the world. It is a pneumatically driven, quickly deployed ventilator that prioritises modularity, utilises off-the-shelf technology, and is designed for the Covid-19 healthcare environment. The ventilator costs less than $1,000 to produce and can be assembled in under four hours. VOX’s pneumatic valve ventilation system offers a reliable, consistent, and safe method of supplying oxygen. It is designed around three key principles: Intuitive user experience, Intelligent manufacturing, and simplified architecture. A refined and customisable approach to the UI flow enables VOX to adapt to any particular hospital or medical setting’s workflows, processes, and capacities. Because of VOX's multi-device dashboard functionality, it can be operated remotely, opening up the prospect of a screen-free gadget that is substantially smaller in volume, faster, more cost efficient to assemble, and easier to sanitise. VOX is more than just a simplified and streamlined ventilator design with solid functionality; it is also a product capable of generating new user behaviours that can result in time, cost, and material savings. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Life Science

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