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The new permanent exhibition of the Icelandic Museum of Natural History at Perlan, an immense glass dome that sits on six hot-water tanks, provides a comprehensive and innovative insight into one of the most important resources of Iceland, the water. Three installations have been designed to capture different aspects of the exciting world of water. The audio­visual instal­lation “The Waterfall” projects a large waterfall onto a wall, created out of the 773 different names of the country’s over 2,000 waterfalls. “The Meters” is a real-time monitoring exhibit that shows the current state of the three types of rivers to be found in Iceland, spring rivers, runoff rivers and glacial rivers, which change shape and colour depending on their size at any given time. Finally, “The Ecosystem Viewer” invites visitors to learn of the rich life to be found in different types of wetland areas in Iceland. Exploring swamps, lakes and rivers with the help of a circular magnifying device, visitors can find different life forms and even zoom in to the smallest of things by turning the rings.

Statement by the Jury

These interactive installations on the subject of “water” impress with their poetic approach. Appealing to visitors on various sensory levels, they invite to interactively explore and learn about the ecosystem of Iceland at one’s own pace. The versatile design has been convincingly implemented with a staging that attracts both young and older audiences by making the contents fun to discover.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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