Whale Trailer Cabin

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The Whale Trailer Cabin is distinct from American or European RV models in that it is specifically designed to meet the needs of the Chinese domestic market. This RV design complies with Chinese law, which requires self-propelled RVs to be registered as private vehicles. It has the exterior dimensions of a compact trailer but the interior dimensions of a medium trailer. With additional equipment, the RV can even meet the standards of a large trailer. The trailer accommodates two adults and two children and meets all of their basic physiological needs for four days in even harsher environments. The interior design makes the best use of available space to meet all of the daily needs of work and rest. The retractable one-way expansion of the cabin converts the living space into a bedroom space to improve space utilisation. With a modular design, users can customise the RV to suit a variety of travel environments, from cosmopolitan cities to more organic settings in nature. The RV’s dimensions of 2 x 2 metres allow it to fit into any tight space or underground parking lot. It weighs about 700 kg and can be towed by any type of motorised vehicle. Using a bionic design, it can theoretically reach a highway speed requirement of 110km/h by. To ensure that there is enough energy to power the RV, the battery employs the most advanced blade new energy battery currently available. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Mobility and Transportation

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