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The backdrop is a barren desolate landscape with a curvy road and the wind roaring. A car approaches from the horizon. Every time the car reaches the next ridge, the wind stops, the roadside bushes straighten up and everything suddenly becomes quiet. The car then dips down again in the next valley and the wind starts roaring again. This commercial is thus aimed at pointing out the sportiness and the outstanding aerodynamic design of the latest Audi S5. The topic of the spot is inspired by the car’s streamlined design, pointing to the fact that the Audi S5 has one of the best air drag coefficients in its vehicle category. The message of the commercial is that the Audi S5, with its special design, is so stunning that even the wind holds its breath while the car rushes by. The special effect that the wind takes a short break and stops “breathing” is not only visually made clear to viewers, the strong dynamics of the video and the accompanying sound almost make viewers feel it.

Statement by the Jury

This commercial fascinates and captivates viewers from the first second. The surprising mechanism of repetition with which the car keeps appearing and disappearing, thus causing the wind to blow and calm down, is not only an outstanding idea, but has also been excellently solved in terms of the timing and the overall implementation.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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