Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024

Be smart

Inspire the jury with your smart products!

It is often the connectivity that makes a product special and unique. From 4 September 2023, you have the opportunity to register smart product solutions for the Red Dot Award: Product Design. In the metacategory “Smart Products”, you can submit networked and digital products from all industries. The intelligent features can be found, for example, in data processing, the networking of an entire system or interaction design.

If you register your product in the metacategory, you have the chance to win two awards in the competition. After completing your registration in one of the classic categories, you also submit your smart solution in the “Smart Products” metacategory. Your design will then be evaluated twice by the Red Dot Jury: During the first round, the experts will pay attention to the holistic design. In the second evaluation, the focus is on the smart features of your product. Describe these separately in the second registration and inspire the jury with your intelligent solution!

Red Dot juror Annette Lang on smart products

“Smart products increasingly dominate our daily lives. They know for example our habits, preferences and level of fitness, and can produce results and recommend actions with the help of a targeted algorithm.”

Your benefits as a winner:

  • Communication of your award immediately after announcement of the results in the end of March
  • Use of the Red Dot quality seal, which indicates the smart characteristics of your product
  • Publication of your product in the online exhibition in the “Smart Products” section
  • Individual presentation of your product in the Red Dot Design Yearbook in the chapter “Smart Products“
  • Honouring at the internationally attended award ceremony
  • Presentation in international exhibitions
  • Positioning as digital company
  • International attention through presence on the channels of Red Dot

How to register

  • 1. Get details on costs and registration

    in the Guide to Success

  • 2. Register or enter

    in the My Red Dot portal

  • 3. Complete first registration

    in one of the traditional categories

  • 4. Complete second registration
    in the metacategory “Smart Products”
  • 5. Deliver product once only
    double delivery not necessary


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Red Dot Team
Telephone: +49 201 838885–46
E-mail: pd(at) 

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