Aubergine Solutions — We simplify complexity.

Aubergine is an award-winning agency focused on designing digital systems. These products are empowered by technology, simplified with usability and create an impact in users’ daily lives. The agency’s members are constantly fusing quality and innovation to create products that make an impact. Asking questions is the superpower of the team. They partner with their clients in the areas of product discovery, user research, design strategy, product architecture, user journey, experience design and interface design and strongly believe in adapting the design process to find the balance between the needs of business, technology and users. The engineering team then brings these innovative solutions to life.

Aubergine interviewed by Red Dot

Red Dot: What does design mean to you?
Aubergine: Design is all about clarity. It is about defining “what” before you move to the “how”.

To what extent do you think new technologies are changing design?
Design becomes more powerful through technology. While design at its core is still the same, new technologies provide an avenue to manifest the output in numerous ways.

How would you define good communication design?
Good communication design is seamless for its audience. It is like you know how to throw the ball so that they catch it.

What makes your work unique?
Our work has a balance of structure and creativity, madness and method. We move from ambiguity to clarity.

“We simplify complexity.”