Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design

Winners' Benefits

Receiving a Red Dot is a well-deserved recognition of high design quality and creativity. It offers winners exclusive opportunities to communicate their success – to employees, existing and potential customers, business partners and the media.

Winner label

In the “Communication Design” section

Winners can use the internationally recognised Red Dot Label as a PR and marketing tool in their premium print campaigns or on their website to stand out from the competition and generate global visibility.

A special bonus for the “Brands” section

If a brand receives a distinction, it can advertise using a winner label tailored to the industry in which it operates.

You can use the winner label for all your communication material:

Online presentation

In the Winners section of the Red Dot website, you can find all of the brands, communication design projects, products and concepts that have received an award since 2011. With more than 34,000 entries, it is the largest online archive of contemporary design.

All winners of the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design will be presented to a global audience. In addition to relevant information about the project, the designer and the manufacturer, the website will also provide corresponding images and some accompanying video clips.

Insights into the communication strategies and creative processes of the year‘s best designers and agencies are presented in the winners profiles.

International Yearbook Brands & Communication Design

The yearbook is published worldwide and contains all the award-winning brands and communication works. It also features interviews with the people behind the best brands and projects of the year and the Red Dot: Agency of the Year in interviews and other features.

After the publication of the yearbook, the Red Dot: Best of the Best winners can use the descriptive text, the jury statement, the images and the interview from the designer profile for their own communication.


The award-winning brands and creative works are presented to a wide audience not only online, but also in person - at the Museum of Communication Berlin and the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen. Other exhibition venues include the museum in Xiamen and Singapore.

Red Dot Events as a platform for networking

The exclusive events of the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design bring together the international communication design community. They offer the opportunity to expand your creative network by meeting colleagues, competitors and media representatives during the award ceremony or the exhibition openings.

Media Support

Taking part successfully in a competition always poses an interesting opportunity for communication. We will provide you with information and materials that you can use for your corporate communications or to market your award-winning project. We will also be happy to answer any individual queries you may have.

With the Magazine section, the newsletter and social media, Red Dot uses different channels to showcase selected winners and their outstanding accomplishments. High-quality images and detailed descriptions give readers and followers an overview of the year’s best projects and brands.