Red Dot Award: Design Concept

A new scenario for the office

A new scenario for the office

With an ongoing pandemic transitioning to an endemic, working in the office seems fraught with dangers lurking in every corner. With Work occupying a large part of every person’s life, and as individually each person is constantly finding ways to make work easier, more productive, less stressful. We present winning works from Red Dot Award: Design Concept that propose a new scenario for working through this pandemic.

Care free zone with staron® is a face- to-face meeting space designed for business situations that require face- to-face meetings in the post-Covid-19 era. It utilises solid surfaces with permanent antibacterial properties (evermoin® staron®) and a clear antibacterial polycarbonate (PC) material (evermoin® INFINO®).

Flowspace Podis a vision for the new normal, accommodating hybrid and remote work. The pod accommodates two main postures, each of which promotes a different type of thinking: A low- seated, deep-focus position for longer sessions lasting 60–120 minutes, and a high-seated ‘perch’ position for shorter sessions of more creative individual work that involves inking and active manipulation of onscreen content.

OTODENWAis a voice input device with no audio leakage. A microphone embedded in a special soundproof housing muffles the audio from its surroundings. It mutes the user’s voice to provide both privacy while providing clear audio quality when listening to another party over a conference call.

WEAR SPACE allows users to create visual and psychological boundaries instantly in their surroundings and ensures a personal space is possible even in an open environment. Equipped with a visual angle adjustment mechanism, a noise cancellation function, and a sound filtering function, WEAR SPACE allows users to customise what they want to block out and only allow in the sounds they don’t want to miss.

OMG – Bento Box is a water-free electric heating bento box that provides warm food quietly in the office, working room or at home. Together with its accessories, this bento box meets the needs of different scenarios, occasions and capacities.

As a work from home scenario is increasingly adopted, what is needed to make the home office work?

The ease of variability makes TANGENS the ideal equipment for an agile workspace. A solution for every aspect of office life is provided through easily matching combinations. TANGENS provides the opportunity to perfectly tailor the furniture to any workplace process, atmosphere, design, and possibilities.

Teamplayer is a visual management console for remote or on-site teamwork. It draws on the interactive and playful spirit of video games, and is inspired by the power and ergonomics of digital music tools, hence the wheel and pad controllers. Its goals is a powerful, visual, smooth, intuitive and inspiring tool that can make teamwork efficient.

Hej - You’re not alone! has a built-in motion sensor captures everyone’s movement and translates it into abstract visualisations. These visualisations are unobtrusive but the flowing movement gives the sense of others around. The visualisations allow users to interact with their colleagues through waving, virtual ‘tapping’ and with the built-in microphone and speaker. The speaker and microphone can muted when the user wants to focus.

Hedgehog is the home’s digital guardian that provides business-like protection for home networks but with a simple plug-and-play setup. Its friendly appearance allows it to blend into almost any interior, regardless of decor.

Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Machine combines three functions: water boiling, pour-over coffee, and immersion extraction. It has a rotary spout that simulates the process of making a perfect cup of pour-over coffee. The coffee and water are immersed in the funnel, resulting in a more efficient extraction of the coffee

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