Flowspace Pod

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Flowspace Pod was created in anticipation of a greater need for intentional sheltering that facilitates solo work at the workplace. The pod is designed to envelop and protect occupants, creating a controlled work environment that allows for focus while still preserving some connection to their surroundings. Several design features enable this balance: the pod physically directs and protects attention, digitally creates conditions for focus, and adapts to different human work postures. Physically, an overhang creates psychological ownership of the space and houses directional audio. Retractable side panels prevent peripheral visual distraction, and a soft and consistent form-language throughout flattens the visual hierarchy, further reducing distraction while creating a sense of calm. Built around a proprietary sensing system, the pod helps the occupant in entering and exiting states of focus by using the sensing feedback from their onscreen interactions and calendar, and data from built-in cameras. The pod accommodates two main postures, each of which promotes a different type of thinking: A low-seated, deep-focus position for longer sessions lasting 60–120 minutes, and a high-seated ‘perch’ position for shorter sessions of more creative individual work that involves inking and active manipulation of onscreen content. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Office and Commercial Furniture

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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