Red Dot Award: Communication Design

Interface & User Experience Design

Communication design at the highest level: awarded Interface & User Experience Design

For more than 25 years, the Red Dot Award: Communication Design has offered agencies, companies and designers from all over the world a platform for the evaluation of their design and creative achievements. 17 categories are available for the participation, one of them is “Interface & User Experience Design”. From digital interfaces to virtual reality technologies and smart home solutions – in the age of progressive digitalisation, the user-friendliness of interactive applications is becoming increasingly important. In 2017, among others, the app “Moog Model 15”, the virtual reality app “#BeFearless” and the user interface “LG Smart InstaView Refrigerator” were awarded in the Red Dot Award: Communication Design.

Digital synthesiser

Since analogue synthesisers enjoy great popularity again, the Swedish design company North Kingdom designed the digital version of the iconic “Moog Model 15” for Moog Music. The app focuses on speed, creativity and simplicity, allowing artists to create analogue sounding music, no matter where they are. In order to achieve the sound and look of the analogue synthesizer from 1973, each module was recreated from the original in technical detail and integrated into the user interface as photorealistic reproduction. The individual modules can be interconnected via virtual patch cables, offering a high number of combinations thanks to over 160 presets as well as the possibility to create individual sounds.

The jury was convinced by the project and awarded it the Red Dot: Best of the Best: “This virtual analogue synthesiser app is special and outstanding because it looks and feels like a real synthesiser. Based on the visual appearance of the original from 1973, it allows users to interactively make the same complex adjustments resulting in a nice and high-quality sound. Moreover, users immediately hear what they edit or when operating complex interactions, as an entire simulation in the background allows the control of the sound in real time.”

With virtual reality against the fear

The Red Dot awarded virtual reality app “#BeFearless” from Samsung, designed by the agencies Cheil Germany and Cheil Worldwide, was developed for people with the fear of heights. In combination with VR glasses, it acts as a training programme to overcome the fear in the comfort of one’s own home. Users experience a wide range of situations with increasing levels, in which they are facing their fear. In a visual environment, they learn step by step how to deal with different heights while the heart rate and eye movement are monitored and analysed, so that they receive a personal feedback after each exercise.

Interactive refrigerator

The user interface “LG Smart InstaView Refrigerator” consists of a transparent pane which can be switched on and off by knocking twice. Thus, it is possible to look inside the refrigerator without having to open it. Furthermore, the pane also acts as a display, where users can leave stickers, messages and expiration dates, show recipes, set timers as well as run music and TV programmes. Additionally, the refrigerator can be controlled and checked via an app.

The user interface was awarded with the sought-after Red Dot for its good design. Already in 2016, the “LG Signature Refrigerator”, which is equipped with the InstaView function, won over the jury of the Red Dot Award: Product Design and obtained a Red Dot. In this way, LG was able to score double points and was delighted about the distinction in two disciplines. The company proves that good Design is important on many levels and contributes to the product experience.

Award ceremony and winners exhibition in Berlin

The finale of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018 takes place in Berlin on 26 October. This year’s prize winners can look forward to receiving their trophies and certificates at the Red Dot Gala and Designers’ Night and to be celebrated duly. In addition, the awarded works will be presented for one night in the exclusive winners exhibition “Design on Stage”. The guests have the opportunity to convince themselves of the award-winning Interface & User Experience Design projects.