Red Dot Award: Product Design

CookingRAK: modern innovation and timeless design

RAK Ceramics impressed the Red Dot Jury in 2024: its award-winning product, the CookingRAK porcelain kitchen worktop, blends seamlessly into a modern kitchen and can also be used for outdoor kitchens. Made from RAK Ceramics’ luxurious porcelain, the surface appears sleek and smooth as the hobs are hidden underneath and not visible on the surface. CookingRAK is therefore a balanced blend of modern technology and sophisticated design and was honoured by the jury with a Red Dot: Best of the Best.

As the winner of a Red Dot: Best of the Best 2024, CookingRAK offers a perfect blend of tradition and innovation and embodies the perfect balance of elegance, functionality and safety. As times change and technology advances, CookingRAK captures the essence of what makes a kitchen special. It celebrates the kitchen as a timeless space where memories are made, where stories are told and where the joy of cooking and eating comes to life. As Leonardo de Muro, Corporate Vice President of RAK Ceramics, says: “A kitchen should be more than just a functional space - it should be a place of inspiration and beauty.”

Porcelain perfection: elegance of modern design

Porcelain, known for its elegance and durability, serves as the basis for the innovative worktop. It exudes a timeless charm and offers a practical solution for today's modern kitchen, as it is heat, stain and scratch resistant. Its smooth surface made of non-porous material cannot harbour mould and bacteria. This makes it food-safe and easy to clean. In addition, CookingRAK’s induction system with its electromagnetic technology ensures that no heat is transferred to the surface itself. Instead, electromagnetic currents are generated that only heat the cookware placed on the hob. This feature makes it not only safe to use, but also energy efficient.

“At the heart of CookingRAK lies a design philosophy that seeks to redefine the culinary landscape by seamlessly integrating innovation, practicality and aesthetics.”

Efficiency meets connectivity

The beauty of the porcelain worktop lies in both its functionality and its simplicity. Designed with ease of use in mind, it is as practical as it is elegant. In addition, the CookingRAK app simplifies operation by enabling seamless control of the induction system.

The multifunctional kitchen space creates a harmonious environment in which preparation, cooking and eating merge effortlessly. No longer confined to separate areas of the kitchen, CookingRAK makes it possible to engage in every aspect of meal creation within a singular, versatile space. This allows users to remain engaged with loved ones while cooking and thus, effortlessly transitioning from chopping to simmering to serving.

The RAK family of companies: RAK Ceramics, RAK Pocelain and Kludi

RAK Ceramics is one of the world’s five leading suppliers of ceramic lifestyle products. Based in the United Arab Emirates, the company took over the German company KLUDI in 2022, after the companies had already founded the joint venture KLUDI RAK in 2006. The Sauerland-based company has made a name for itself internationally as a manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen taps, shower heads and shower systems. The product division continues to operate under the name “KLUDI”. In addition to the ceramics and fittings divisions, there is a third RAK company, RAK Porcelain, which specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of high-quality porcelain tableware for the international hospitality industry. Kludi and RAK Porcelain have already been honoured with the Red Dot Award for their good design. With the distinction for CookingRAK, all three of the Group’s main brands - KLUDI, RAK Porcelain and RAK Ceramics - have now been honoured in the Red Dot Design Award.