Beetroot Design Group — We blend colours, shapes, sounds and ideas to build brands, have fun and inspire.

Beetroot is a multi-award-winning communication design team and think tank that consists of specialists with a wide and diverse set of skills in the creative field. It provides exciting design solutions to a worldwide clientele including some of the most established brands in the world. Although specialising in communication design, Beetroot often generates and develops a variety of concepts and projects including information campaigns, exhibitions, product / industrial design, interior design, sound design, installations, performance design and art.

Beetroot in an interview with Red Dot

How can designers be ahead of their time?
You have to be in a constant state of observing and learning.

What opportunities and threats has digitalisation produced in the world of design?
Although digitalisation can bring people together, it risks generating cluttered information.

To which aspect did you pay special attention when designing your award-winning work?
Functionality! Things must work.

What do you particularly like about your award-winning work?
Its experimental nature and the invisible R&D work behind it.

“We blend colours, shapes, sounds and ideas to build brands, have fun and inspire.”

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The success of the Beetroot Design Group is also reflected in the numerous awards in the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design: