Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023

The Red Dot Jury 2023

Experience and expertise unite the jurors of the Red Dot Award: Product Design. With their expertise, they contribute to the quality of the Red Dot label.

The annual Red Dot Award: Product Design is one of the best-known and largest design competitions in the world. It comprises 51 categories and follows the credo "In search of good design and innovation". In 2023, numerous companies and designers have again submitted their products to receive the coveted award. The international jury of 43 design experts has now completed its work.

The jury returned to working live with tangible products

For two years, the jury could only work online. This year, for the first time, the process went live and on-site again. Professor Dr. Peter Zec, the founder and CEO of Red Dot, emphasises the difference: “When you jury online, you primarily evaluate photos or images, sometimes even renderings. But in product design or industrial design, you have to be able to experience the products. Testing cars outside, being able to hold technical devices in your own hands – that’s important for a qualified and serious decision.”


Setting new standards

Whether aesthetically pleasing, functional, smart or innovative – the products honoured by the Red Dot jury are united by their outstanding design quality. Thus, the participating companies and product designers set new standards with their submissions – from fashion and accessories to consumer electronics, vehicles, household helpers and furniture. For the members of the Red Dot Jury, the evaluation is also a communicatively intensive process: “There was no difference in the work of the jury for me, even during the restrictions imposed by Covid. After all, the experts remained the same despite the circumstances. But now everyone is happy to be able to meet again and, above all, to exchange ideas directly on the subject matter. That the whole discussion is happening, which you can’t have online in this form,” explains founder Peter Zec.

The Red Dot Jury 2023

This year's Red Dot jury has 43 members. They come from 20 nations. All of them are united by their design expertise, which they have built up during their careers as professors, consultants, industrial designers or journalists.