Red Dot Award: Product Design


From robot technology to vehicles and household aids – all kinds of products can be entered in the Red Dot Award: Product Design. In a second entry, you can also register your ground-breaking product in the metacategories “Smart Products” or “Innovative Products”.

1. Home and Seating Furniture

2. Bedroom Furniture and Beds

3. Lighting and Lamps

4. Household Appliances and Household Accessories

5. Kitchens and Kitchen Furniture

6. Kitchen Taps and Sinks

7. Kitchen Appliances and Kitchen Accessories

8. Cookware and Cooking Utensils

9. Tableware

10. Bathroom and Sanitary Equipment

11. Bathroom Taps and Shower Heads

12. Garden Furniture

13. Garden Appliances, Garden Tools and Garden Equipment

14. Outdoor and Camping Equipment

15. Sports Equipment

16. Hobby and Leisure

17. Bicycles and Bicycle Accessories

18. Babies and Children

19. Personal Care, Wellness and Beauty

20. Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories

21. Luggage and Bags

22. Glasses

23. Watches

24. Jewellery

25. Interior Architecture and Interior Design

26. Interior Design Elements

27. Urban Design

28. Materials and Surfaces

29. Office Furniture and Office Chairs

30. Office Supplies and Stationery

31. Tools

32. Heating and Air Conditioning Technology

33. Industrial Equipment, Machinery and Automation

34. Robotics

35. Medical Devices and Technology

36. Healthcare

37. Cars and Motorcycles

38. Motorhomes and Caravans

39. Watercraft

40. Trains and Planes

41. Commercial Vehicles

42. Vehicle Accessories

43. TV and Home Entertainment

44. Audio

45. Cameras and Camera Equipment

46. Drones and Action Cameras

47. Mobile Phones, Tablets and Wearables

48. Communication Technology

49. Computer and Information Technology

Take the opportunity to win two awards

Are you planning to register an innovative or smart product in the competition? Then you can even be in with a chance of winning two awards! After completing your registration in one of the traditional categories, you can register a second time in the areas “Smart Products” or “Innovative Products”. Your product will then be evaluated twice by the Red Dot Jury. During the first evaluation, the experts will take a holistic look at your entry. By contrast, the second walkthrough involves focusing on the entry’s new features and/or interaction system. 

Smart Products

You can register connected and digital products from all industries in “Smart Products”. As part of a comprehensive system, their purpose and use is determined by collecting and processing data. If your product wins an award, this is proof that it successfully achieves the complex interaction between humans and technology in the age of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.  

Innovative Products

You can enter key new designs in “Innovative Products”. From technical optimisations and the rethinking of form to the use of innovative materials and products with a revolutionary approach to use, the jury is looking forward to all kinds of new creations. Products that win an award in this metacategory set new standards and lay the foundations for fundamental industry change.