Clay_ IoT Home Workout Station

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Clay is made up of a three-in-one adjustable kettlebell, a pair of sensor sticks, and a wireless charging tile. It is designed to be apartment-friendly so users don't have to worry about storage, but its minimal and compact design will make you want to keep the workout station visible at home even when not in use. The kettlebell includes two additional weights embedded in the bell that can be added and removed by releasing a simple lock mechanism. The wide silicone rubber handle fits any hand and provides an easy, comfortable grip. By connecting the pair of sensor sticks with different weight attachments, they can simulate lightweight dumbbell sets or act as a cordless weighted jump rope, allowing one to jump rope without noise or tangling. Motion sensors embedded in both equipment track your movement with high sensitivity and precision. With IoT-enabled, a variety of fitness movements can be enjoyed with game animation. The mobile app allows the user to share workout goals and activities with friends and customise the lighting of the wireless charging tile, which is ideal for Gen C who enjoy personalisation. When the workout session is over, simply place the equipment on the charging tile and choose a preferred lighting. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Wellness and Beauty

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