Dual EXtendable (DEX), the Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

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DEX is specifically designed to navigate the factories of the future. It reimagines the dexterity and intelligence of collaborative robots, as well as the worker’s relationship with them. Its form conveys a feeling of agility and robustness. The concept’s direction uses visual cues from automotive design to create a sense of wonder and excitement for the user. The use of angular surfaces reflects the technologically advanced capabilities. The flat platform is designed to allow for the modular mounting of various attachments that complement its capabilities and provide greater flexibility. The bi-directional extendable legs give DEX its most distinctive feature. It is framed with side covers to reduce visual clutter and exhibit strength. The innovative leg movement allows the AMR to climb slopes and traverse diverse terrain. By integrating Schaeffler’s component, the platform self-levels with extraordinary ease. This unique agility enhances DEX’s capability to move to uncharted grounds, a task that most wheeled robots are incapable of performing. With its 360-degree wheel steering, DEX has the ability to move across multiple degrees of freedom and reach areas with tight spaces for manoeuvring. A ring of LED lights on top syncs with the robot’s movements. Its intuitive light pattern communicates its intention, allowing for user-friendly operation and comfortable space- sharing. DEX has a seamless way of understanding both non-verbal and verbal communication. With other robots, they work collectively to reduce the strain on workers. When in gesture mode, DEX automatically responds when a user stands in front of it and DEX is ready to receive commands. DEX can also be controlled using hand gestures and voice commands, thereby reducing the complexity of interacting with robots.

 Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Mobility and Transportation

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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