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The integration of a full steel door and a control panel enhances the beauty and uniqueness of this dishwasher. To create a more cohesive exterior, the top panel is hidden behind the door, and any extra line is omitted. The slightly inclined control panels and displays are located on the upper section of the door, providing easy access to the user. All of the programmes and features are organised in an iconic line format, which adds to the overall ease of use. The detergent dispenser is seamlessly integrated into the product to ensure an even surface inside the dishwasher. To achieve the most efficient and sustainable cycle, the spray arms are outfitted with a movable donut-like head. All of the parts are hidden to achieve a minimalist design, with only the rectangular metal filter in the centre visible. After the washing cycle, LED lights on both sides of the tub add a gleaming finish. Finally, the layout of the dish racks and a foldaway cutlery basket accommodates various utensil configurations in the dishwasher. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Domestic Aid and Home Appliances

Red Dot

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