Fear Not - Organ Donation Campaign

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In Korea, the rate of actual donation is relatively low compared to other countries. Because of Korea’s Confucian culture, people are hesitant or fearful of organ donation. The FEAR NOT campaign hopes to alter negative perceptions towards organ donation through a design concept that conveys an uplifting message. The design concept deliberately exposes the organs in the human body with an entirely new and positive visual expression. The term ‘fear not’ is very similar to the Korean phrase ‘Pi-eo-na’ (피어나), which means ‘come into bloom.’ By visualising each organ as blooming flowers, the value and beauty of organs are translated into graphics to lower fundamental fear. The campaign carries a message to the public that organ donation is like a new bloom for other people’s lives. Instead of a sacrifice, it should be seen as a precious, self-directed and life-giving act.  Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Education

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