Fottle - Forming Water Intake Habits With Friends

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Fottle’s primary function is to track the user’s water intake with the help of the Fottle app. With the entire day’s goal divided into seven key periods from morning to night, the app provides emotive reminders at specific times throughout the day. When a periodical goal is still incomplete, the water bottle will inflate and change its colour as a reminder to drink water. The app also encourages regular water intake habits through engaging interactions with a community. When the user needs to drink water, the character that they created will look upset. A friend who notices can tap the character, which causes the bottle to inflate. It is very much like a little pet that needs attention. Because physical and mental health are intertwined, the app allows users to share their personal thoughts through character speech bubbles. Reading and interacting with all these personal thoughts can be a very healing way to end the day. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Domestic Aid and Home Appliances

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