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Gender Gaps

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When it comes to equal opportunities, there are still deep gaps between men and women worldwide. The audio spots for the association Frauen aufs Podium e. V. (Women onto the Podium) sharpen the senses for how deep these gaps really are, where they arise and what can be done about them. With a mechanism that is as simple as it is outrageous, these gender differences are made audible in a dramatic way by a woman and a man telling the stories of their lives – simultaneously. They begin in unison. For while still at school, the opportunities for women and men initially look similar. But soon the first small deviations become obvious, be it that the woman gives birth to a child or that the first job is paid unequally. Little by little, the gaps become more and more evident until the biographies drift completely apart – both in content and in sound design. In order to bring the whole naked truth to light, a deliberately reduced and sparse production was chosen, in which the voice actors speak in a simple yet poignant manner. On social media, the audio spots are supported by moving images with a simple aesthetic of interwoven subtitles that are interrupted at important points.

Statement by the Jury

These audio spots impress with their enormous power and impact. Despite the factual presentation, the stories shake people up as they listen. Once the discrepancies become increasingly clear, the listener is truly captivated, attentive and emotionally touched. The theme of cognitive dissonance is played with virtuosity and the message of continuing inequality between the sexes is conveyed in an excellent and easy-to-grasp way. Thanks to a great concept and precise implementation, the message gets across in a way that is rarely found, completely self-contained and surprising.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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