HAZY Multifunctional Wireless Trolley Design Suggestion for Hair Designers

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Hair stylists frequently require a wide range of hair appliances, resulting in a large amount of electrical wiring that becomes twisted and cluttered around them. To address this issue, this wireless trolley concept incorporates a battery into the trolley’s base, allowing all hairdressing products to be used wirelessly. Any incompatible products can be made compatible by attaching an internal outlet, which simplifies all electrical cables for beauty tools and appliances. To keep the hairdressing tools clean, a trolley bin is meshed to allow the tools to be ventilated. There are four batteries at the bottom of the trolley, each with a capacity of 40800mAh. The trolley can last more than a day after a full charge, and the remaining battery level is indicated at the base of the trolley. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Wellness and Beauty

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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