Intelligent Housekeeping Robot

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Intelligent Housekeeping Robot allows users to manage their smart home devices. Using artificial intelligence, the robot is programmed to receive a variety of commands and send them to various devices. Users can use a mobile app to communicate with the robot and in this way, remotely keep tabs on the status of their home devices. Geofence technology that tracks the user’s mobile phone would also automatically inform the robot to modify the settings on home devices for purposes like saving energy. Intelligent Housekeeping Robot informs users of the latest news, traffic, sports, and weather, and sets reminders and tasks. In addition, the robot is equipped with OLED eyes, which light up and display a variety of facial expressions. Intelligent Housekeeping Robot is designed to be human-like and moves around obstacles with the help of touch sensors. Speech interaction is also an essential feature of this robot. The application of AI technology enables robots to understand users better. It responds to multiple language commands, and by working with various platforms, users can use robots to play music and even hold a conversation. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Smart

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