Red Dot Design Award

Lupine Transformers Project

Lupine Transformers Project | Red Dot Design Award

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In order to make the torches and bicycle lamps produced by the manufacturer Lupine relevant and accessible to a design-oriented target group beyond professional cyclists, this campaign shows off the products as design objects. Since there were so many ideas for the redefinition of the brand, they were published on Facebook and customers were invited to have a say in the final decision. The optimised result was a cost-effective promotional item, which was equipped with lights by the manufacturer and thus transformed into an aesthetic indoor lamp.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Lupine Lighting Systems GmbH, Neumarkt
  • Design:
    Maximilian Schmid, Academy of Fine Arts Munich
  • Supervising:
    Prof. Urs Greutmann, Academy of Fine Arts Munich
  • Creative Direction:
    Stephan Ganser, Manfred Feiger, Publicis/Pixelpark, Munich
  • Art Direction:
    Maja Lindemann, Publicis/Pixelpark, Munich
  • Web Design:
    Niklas Paul, Publicis/Pixelpark, Munich
  • Photography:
    Felix Schindele, Munich
Lupine Transformers Project | Red Dot Design Award