Corporate Design


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Actelion is a biopharmaceutical company. Its visual identity is based on the idea “From medical industry to medical magic”. The imagery is generated using an innovative image processing technique, especially developed for Actelion, that displays the smallest possible entity – digital molecules. The images capture the invisible, magical moment when an idea is transformed into a solution and a molecule be­comes a medicine – Medical Magic. The result is a corporate identity that visualises scientific precision in a striking and multicoloured design.

  • Client:
    Actelion Ltd, Allschwil
  • Design:
    Interbrand, Zürich
  • creative direction:
    Andreas Rotzler
  • customer advisory service:
    Gernot Honsel, Dr. Ulrike Grein
  • graphic design:
    Damien Julien, Claudia Roethlisberger, Julia Gleichauf, Janina Berger
  • 3d design:
    Helga Capitaine, Michaela Burger, Janina Lamers
  • software development imagery tool:
    Onformative, Berlin