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nerv is designed mainly for senior drivers who are less conscious of their driving capabilities. The driver can drive their car as usual while the wearable device monitors muscle displacement. It provides ease of use without needing to invest in costly smart cars. nerv is embedded with a 14-channel optical muscle displacement sensor that detects minute movements at the skin level down to muscle level. The input is passed into an AI engine which translates muscle displacement into information such as strength applied, hand gestures, finger movements or stress alerts. Studies reveal that when gripping force is applied onto the vibrating steering wheel, it’s an indication of the discomfort of the driver. Various other negative emotions related to dangerous driving are also built up through increasing muscle tension. In terms of styling, complex mechanical elements are eliminated to retain a seamless exterior. The main body is made of elastomer, which allows the device to be firmly wrapped around the body, aligning the sensor to targeted muscle groups. It is meant to be attached to the forearm or the calves to visualise the ‘force applied’ on the steering wheel or the accelerator/brake respectively. The body tension is visualised on a graph in real time, identifying increases in strength that occur during dangerous driving. The designers envision third-party instructors (AI and humans) using 5G communication to provide driving instructions remotely. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Bionics

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