Adhesive Tape Dispenser


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Being innovative means moving beyond old habits and inventing something new. The Notchless tape dispenser achieves this on the one hand with its unconventional design, which makes it recognisable as a dispenser for adhesive tape only upon second glance, and on the other hand through its functionality. Its structural design is reminiscent of a small snail carrying its house on its back, with the roll of tape floating apparently weightlessly inside. The roll is held in place by a clear module which can easily be removed when replacing the tape, and reloaded with new tape put back again. The particular functionality of the Notchless is that the blade for tearing off tape features an even cutting area. This not only increases safety, it also achieves edges that are no longer zig-zagged but straight as if cut with a pair of scissors. Notchless is made from aluminium that emphasises the aesthetic character of this practical tool.

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