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Over 92 per cent of the population couldn’t pass this colour-blind test. What about you?

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In this social campaign centred on a colour perception test during the London Lumiere Light Festival, visitors were asked whether they could see a number in a densely dotted image, which over 92 per cent of the people failed. This specially designed reversed colour-blind test can only be correctly answered by people who have a colour vision deficiency. According to the National Health Service, it occurs in every twelfth man in the world, mostly because of a hereditary condition. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness since colour vision deficiency is one among several disabilities that can lead to serious accidents in everyday life, but it is one that is underestimated and neglected by many people. The campaign not only succeeded in making people aware of colour blindness, it also let the more than one million pedestrians experience it physically through an optical illusion. The illusion is based on the Ishihara colour perception test but presented with a colour plate that is expertly and precisely inverted.

Statement by the Jury

This public social campaign manages to interest a large audience in the little-known subject of colour blindness. The corresponding test, which everyone could easily take part in, does not only engage and sensitise people instantly for the topic. The fact that the test was reversed and the majority of participants “failed” that test made the campaign message all the more memorable.

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