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Siemens Healthineers Brand Sound

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In order to differentiate its position on the increasingly complex global market and to further strengthen it in medical technology, Siemens Healthineers sharpened its brand strategy in 2018. The aim was to provide an experience of the brand for all the senses and to thus create an emotional link to the public. For the sound logo, the word mark was pictured on a piano by playing each letter in “Healthineers” on a correspondingly assigned piano key. The letters that have no corresponding piano keys were turned into the sound of a digital heartbeat. The new sound was inspired by both the brand values and the nine-part “Dot Pulse” of the logo, which is derived from the Fibonacci sequence. These dots were then adapted horizontally for the rhythm and vertically for the pitch. In addition to developing a soundscape that covers all main brand touchpoints, a piece of health-oriented music was composed to improve the user experience in computer tomography as the music supports relaxation, mindfulness and stress relief.

Statement by the Jury

The corporate sound concept for Siemens Healthineers impresses with its unique and holistic acoustic appeal in that it pushes the boundaries to set new standards in the field of corporate sound design. It integrates excellently into the brand architecture and has been implemented to creative, professional and emotionally convincing effect. Particularly noteworthy is the sound element inspired by the dot matrix of the logo with its forward dribbling beat.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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