Red Dot Design Award

Speckles. Textures. And above all, Plastics.

Speckles. Textures. And above all, Plastics. | Red Dot Design Award

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EF Material (short for ‘Emotional Feeling’) is a paint-free and eco-friendly material that can be mass-produced harmoniously with the surrounding environment without requiring post-processing. It is designed to express a limitless range of textures that would reflect a spectrum of consumer tastes and sensibilities while taking into consideration global companies who are seeking more refined exterior material, sophisticated design of craft, cost-savings in mass production and faster production speed. The three factors that determine the final look and feel of EF Material are the colours of the resin, additives and the pattern of the mould. The mixing and matching of these factors can generate many variations. One of the greatest advantages of paint-free resin lies in its ability to create a flawless and distortion-free appearance through a simple injection moulding process. At the same time, it allows manufacturers to eliminate spraying and other post-processing steps, thus reducing cost. The EF Material lineup consists of ABS, ASA and PC categories. It can also be produced with recycled plastic. Possible applications range from small to large home appliances, materials for automobile interiors, and IoT and mobile devices. EF Material when applied to housing interiors generates a warm and sophisticated atmosphere.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    LOTTE Advanced Materials, South Korea
  • Team Lead:
    Kahang Sookyung
  • Design:
    Chae Eunyoung, Chae Soohyun, Ju Minji, Kyung Junhyouk, Min Sangwoo, Roh Jaehong
Speckles. Textures. And above all, Plastics. | Red Dot Design Award