Poster Series

Swedish Exhibition Agency

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This poster series is an excerpt from the corporate design developed for the latest annual report by the Swedish Exhibition Agency. This government agency operates under the Swedish Ministry of Culture with the task of promoting development and cooperation within the field of exhibitions. The posters show graphic sculptures consisting of piled up variations on the agency’s graphic identity, with the square symbolising a picture frame and the comma referring to the notions of continuity, development and involvement. Moreover, these graphic sculptures also suggest forward and upward movements, as the colours and layers of the single signs and symbols interact with each other. Thus, the elements seem to come alive representing the engagement and dynamism of the agency and its work. They also take on the appearance of true works of art playing with and reflecting the tasks with which the agency is commissioned.

Statement by the Jury

The aesthetic compositions in this poster series are based on the Swedish Exhibition Agency’s logo, comprised of a simple square and a comma. Stacked up in different formations, the symbols are arranged to form self-contained and visually fascinating sculptures. Featuring an appearance that is also mathematical in appearance, they correspond to the identity originally designed for the agency’s annual report.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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