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The Way Back Home

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The design of the work “The Way Back Home” is inspired by experiences and impressions of working part-time in exchange for accommodation in the countryside. The work realises the goal of documenting the particular charm and beauty of country life. At the same time, it intends to promote the economic potential of local communities. The combination of book and magazine is complemented in terms of both content and design by highly expressive and, in part, symbolic photographs as well as texts that capture the life and work of people living in the countryside. The aim is to arouse the attention of young people and make them appreciate their home country, and even rebuild the connection between people and their country. Another aim was to depict the fun that working in a rural place can be.

Statement by the Jury

“The Way Back Home” impresses with the depiction of life in the countryside. Stunning photography pairs with vivid illustrations to form a consistent overall image. It thus effectively conveys and promotes the idea of reorientation towards life in rural communities. The richness in detail is enchanting, such as the use of material usually used for rice bags, which here has been converted to serve as a book cover.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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