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Wairify is the world’s first true plasma air cleaner. It circulates air through a plasma field, which instantly and completely deactivates and separates contaminants of all sizes, including viruses like SARS-COV 2. The plasma-technology-based system eliminates the need for costly HEPA filter maintenance and disposal. The patented high-tech technology was originally created to deposit fine oil particles in extreme heat and vibration for internal combustion engines. The organic form of Wairify incorporates algebraic geometry, which embodies the mystery of mathematics. This is in keeping with the physical and technical characteristics of the plasma technology in use. The symmetrically waisted double-axis base, combined with the spatially distorted vents, reveals mathematical regularity while also evoking mystical forms in nature. The blue illumination emphasises the air outlet slits and suggests a plasma field by imagining the radial spread of waves in space. The device’s anodised and satin aluminium housing highlights its high technicality and quality. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Domestic Aid and Home Appliances

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