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When voices become audio branding

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An audio branding universe was created for audio book company Storytel, building on the voices from Storytel’s audio book library to reinforce the brand identity through an audio experience. The concept is based on the brand’s core idea that people have been telling each other stories for millennia, connecting people across generations and cultures. Moreover, when listening to the stories in the global audio book library, the voices seemed to sound like music. Therefore, they were collected and processed in various ways to create musical building blocks, which in turn serve as a vast palette of sound effects, instruments, logos and various brand songs. The non-musical voice recordings were thus transformed into sonic elements – and all sounds were published on a digital platform together with the strategic guidelines. The platform also contains custom synthesiser patches that make the audio branding concept flexible for use in different applications, so that the platform now serves as the starting point for all Storytel audiovisual content.

Statement by the Jury

The audio branding for Storytel is convincing for its progressive and innovative approach within a medium that is all about listening. It works exclusively with audio material derived from voices, which is a fantastic idea and unprecedented in its complexity and depth. With an excellently realisable variety of exciting soundscapes, this acoustic identity allows for a high degree of flexibility and impresses the listener with rich acoustic textures.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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