InFormat Design Curating — Curating is the way that we make design happen.

InFormat Design Curating is dedicated to renovating the process of design. Its core value is the spirit of curating and striving for the perfect solution for each project. After researching, analysing content and developing working strategies, the multiple award-winning studio integrates visual and interior design teams in the planning process and combines novel ideas with professional ability. The studio’s services include exhibition curating, interior and visual design, project planning and multimedia installation production for international clients, such as Samsung, Delta Electronics, Elle, GQ, Danchu, Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI) or Kris Yao Artech.

InFormat Design Curating in an Interview with Red Dot

Red Dot: To what extent do you think new technologies are changing design?
InFormat Design Curating: Our senses can now seem to travel through time and space with the rapid advancement of technologies such as AR and VR, even to the extent of the reconstruction of scents. New technologies have increased the flexibility in experiencing design, as well as the flexibility of design itself.

What makes your daily work as a creative so special?
What’s necessary is a persistent appetite for exploration. Do not stop being curious, taking a step further and trying to analyse and embrace it.

What does it take to be successful as a communication designer?
Before they know what the visuals will look like, communication designers will consider the message they want to communicate and how to strategically engage the viewers.

InFormat Design Curating was awarded a Red Dot: Best of the Best for the exhibition design “2020 Creative Expo Taoyuan – RUNNING TAOYUAN” in 2021. The overarching curatorial concept was titled “RUNNING TAOYUAN” to convey the idea of progress through the symbolism of running and movement.

Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2022

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