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Landi Chair

Landi Chair | Red Dot Design Award

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The “Landi Chair” publication is an image brochure paired with insights into design history, societal context and Swiss graphic design. Historic media photography is being interpreted in a contemporary scenography-inspired fashion by the Swiss photographer Véronique Hoegger. Artefacts, letters and product shots complete the picture. The change in paper separates historic, product and image levels. The chosen font “Koban”, created by two Swiss typesetters, Michael Zehnder and Florian Jakober, underscores the modern value of this classic and its clear lines.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Vitra AG, Birsfelden
  • Design:
    Mé – Mesmer Société, Basel
  • Art Direction:
    Jan Knopp, Andreas Mesmer
  • Graphic Design:
    Benjamin Kniel, Nicole Gerber
  • Photography:
    Véronique Hoegger Photography, Zurich
  • Printing:
    DesignPress GmbH, Renningen
Landi Chair | Red Dot Design Award