Red Dot Design Award
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The Life Goddess

The Life Goddess | Red Dot Design Award

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The all-Greek delicatessen Life Goddess in London offers all the ingredients that define the Greek way of life. The brand identity comprises a striking logo, product labels and packaging, in-store graphics, store bags and accessories. Great care was taken to ensure that the new concept blends traditional Greek cultural elements like Amalthea, the divine goat of Greek mythology, with brightly coloured, hand-drawn characters and scenes from Greece’s rich history. The concept thus visually links to the product’s place of origin, creating a dynamic and contemporary look with a sense of humour.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    The Life Goddess, London
  • Design:
    Beetroot Design Group, Thessaloniki
  • Art Direction:
    Alexis Nikou
  • Illustration:
    Markos Karellas, Giannis Gougoulias
  • Graphic Design:
    Axel Peermoeller
The Life Goddess | Red Dot Design Award