Red Dot: Agency of the Year 2018

Banda Agency

Within the framework of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design, Banda Agency was honoured as the Red Dot: Agency of the Year 2018. A total of seven Red Dot distinctions in 2018 alone are proof of the Ukrainian full-service agency’s design quality and creative know-how.

Banda Agency from Kyiv was founded by Pavel Vrzhesch, Creative Director, Egor Petrov, Head of Art, and Yaroslav Serdyuk, Strategy Director, in 2011. Within only seven years, the creatives received more than a hundred prizes and were able to win over renowned clients from fields such as food and beverages, telecommunications, sports goods, retail and FMCG, among them Comfy, Uber, Puma and the Eurovision Song Contest.

To drive their clients’ business forward, the 36-member team develops straightforward and unexpected creative solutions that put effectiveness of communications in the first place. Whether on- or offline, Banda Agency helps brands to drown out the usual advertising noise, speak with their customers and to build a link to them in the long term.

“We believe that the main instrument of a designer is not Photoshop but are the ears. […] When you really hear the client, you can investigate what is so special about his business and thus, you can depict it visually.”

– Pavel Vrzhesch, Creative Director at Banda Agency